Twain Johnson gave this man his own truck. Here is why


Twain Johnson gave this man his own truck.  Here is why

A still from his video with Twain Johnson with his fan. (Image courtesy: The Rock)


  • Oscar Rodriguez received a surprise gift from Twain Johnson
  • Actor Oscar gave Rodriguez his black personal truck
  • Oscar got emotional and hugged Twain Johnson

New Delhi:

Mercy is important. What is more important is to accept such gestures. When Oscar Rodriguez received a surprise gift from superstar Twain Johnson for his acts of kindness, he could not help but break a hysterical excitement. Well, this time Twain surprised us. Believe it or not, actor Oscar Rodriguez gave his black personal truck as a token of gratitude. Posting it on Twitter, Twain wrote, “He’s more deserving than my personal truck. Mercy is important to me, so thank you for being kind to so many people. Oscar Rodriguez. Dude. DJ. “

In the video, we see Twain Johnson pay a surprise visit to the movie theater Red notice Screened. First, the actor enters and calls out the name of Oscar Rodriguez from the audience. He then goes on to describe the man’s work, saying, “It’s good to meet you, man. I’m very impressed with your story because I heard you are a personal trainer. . ” Later, the actor added, “You are supporting and helping to provide food for women who have been abused by domestic violence. It’s a really wonderful job. I want you to take care of your 75 – year – old mother.”

Next, we see everyone coming out of the theater. Moments later, Twain Johnson told Oscar Rodriguez to follow him. The actor added, “I want to show you something quickly.” The actor opens the front seat of the truck and says, “I wrote you a card.” And it said, “Thank you for your service, brother. Enjoy your new truck.” Oscar Rodriguez was devastated to see the superstar give him his own truck.

Here is a video of the full conversation between Twain Johnson and Oscar Rodriguez:

Fans and followers on Twitter filled this post with love. One user wrote, “More love and respect. Only people like you make the world a better place.”

Another said the actor’s gesture had silenced him. “Respect to you, man, from the bottom of my heart,” he wrote.

One fan said, “This is one of the many reasons I’m an avid fan of yours.”

In fact, Twain Johnson helps make the world a better place with his loving gestures.

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