Twitter is testing a new instructional feature to help users avoid ‘hot’ conversations


Twitter is working on a new feature that allows users to know the vibration of the conversation before joining. The social media site has confirmed that it is testing a new instructional feature in Android and iOS apps. Twitter said it was testing a feature like this in an earlier announcement, as we announced last month.

The new ‘Instructions’ feature will alert users about the possibility of engaging in a heated conversation. This will allow users to stay away from certain conversations on the social media site. However, it is not clear what criteria Twitter will use to determine the ‘vibration’ of the conversation. Twitter did not specify when a conversation would be marked as ‘hot’.

The new line below some of the tweets on the platform is visible. This will allow users to measure whether or not they want to enter the conversation before viewing the answers. Twitter confirmed this with its official support handle. “We are testing on Android and iOS

The title of the tweet, as well as the relationship between the author of the tweet and the replayer, has been confirmed by Twitter that can be considered when displayed immediately. The company has not yet confirmed the exact date for which the new feature is expected to be released.

In addition, Twitter recently announced some changes, which will prevent tweets from disappearing when read.

The issue, which has been reported by many users on Twitter, is related to missing tweets while reading. The timeline is said to update itself, resulting in tweets disappearing.

Twitter has announced that it plans to release updates to fix this issue in the next two months. “We know this is a frustrating experience, so we’re working to change that,” Twitter said in a statement.

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