Two months after the devastating explosion, a bomb exploded in the port city of Tianjin



Two months after 173 people were killed or missing in a major port city in northern China, Tianjin is once again embroiled in tension over a warehouse explosion.

A bomb exploded at a liquor store in the city on Monday night, the official Xinhua news agency reported Tuesday.

No casualties were reported, the Tianjin State Press Office said in an online statement.


The 700-square-meter (7,500-square-foot) warehouse holds 3,000 kilograms (, 6,600) of alcohol and 1,000 kilograms of acetic acid, which can be used in plastics and pharmaceuticals.

The Tianjin government says the warehouse was illegally leased from a local by a company registered in the nearby Hebei province.

It said the incident did not pose any serious risk to people or the environment.

Workplace safety risks are high in China. In August, a warehouse complex containing large quantities of hazardous chemicals caught fire and exploded in Tianjin, killing 165 people and leaving eight missing.

This catastrophe raised questions about corruption and government performance. Investigations into the August 12 bombings at Ruihai International Logistics warehouses were located closer to homes than allowed, and stored more than 700 tons of more dangerous substances than approved, including toxic sodium cyanide.


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