Two murders have been reported in Sikh temples in India


Authorities in the northern Indian state of Punjab have beaten to death two people over the weekend who tried to carry out massacres inside Sikh temples, including one at a religious shrine.

Similar sacrificial incidents have been reported in recent weeks across Punjab, a Sikh-majority state in India, where elections are set to begin early next year.

The first mob attack took place when an unidentified person entered the sanctum sanctorum of the Golden Temple, a Sikh shrine in Amritsar.

Videos of the episodeThe holy book of Sikhism, Guru Granth Sahib, shows a man with a yellow cloth tied over his head jumping over a golden rail inside the enclosure.

Witnesses said he took a diamond-studded sword and tried to attack the scripture. They said the unidentified man was detained by temple guards and taken to the manager’s office, where they were beaten by a mob.

On Sunday, another person was beaten to death after devotees claimed to have torn down a Sikh flag at the Gurudwara Sahib temple in Kapurthala, another district in Punjab.

Witnesses said the unidentified man was arrested by police and angry Sikhs demanded his immediate questioning and their presence. As the tension increased, the mob attacked the police and severely beat the person. Police rushed him to a hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

Gurinder Singh Dillon, a senior police official in the Jalandhar area where the temple is located, said the man was attacked by an angry mob when he was caught by the police in Kapurthala district.

“No sacred symbols were found in the Gurdwara Sahib,” he said, referring to the Sikh temple. Dillon said. We have registered a case and are conducting an investigation.

Sikhs have complained that in the wake of past atrocities, the Congress-led regional government has failed to adequately address the issue, prosecute those involved or prevent similar episodes.

Regional Home Minister Sukjinder Singh Randawa said the Special Investigation Commission would investigate the incident in Amritsar and a report would be expected within two days.

Mr Randhawa said police had been directed to strengthen security at all places of worship in the state of Punjab.


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