Umran Malik returns to UAE as net bowler for India in DS World Cup



Jammu and Kashmir fast bowler Umran Malik has been asked to stay in the United Arab Emirates as India’s net bowler for the T20 World Cup after his IPL debut with Sunrisers Hyderabad.

In the space of two months, Umran’s life changed. The 21-year-old was so impressed with captain Virat Kohli that he was called up as a net bowler with the Indian team as there were two senior level domestic matches before the start of the IPL.

While playing for SRH this season, Umran impressed many with his original speed and continued to bowl at 150km / h. He also bowled the fastest ball of the IPL at 153 kmph. Umran’s father was a fruit shop owner.

“Yes, he is lagging behind as Umran joins Team India Bubble as an internet bowler,” a source close to the SRH owner told PTI anonymously.

In his first IPL season, the fast bowler took two wickets in three matches.

His team finished last in the SRH rankings.

Umran also received praise from Indian captain Kohli.

“This tournament builds talent every year. It’s good to see a guy bowling in 150 clicks. It’s important to understand the progress of individuals from here on out,” Cole said earlier this week.

“The pool of fast bowlers is always a good sign for Indian cricket. Whenever you see talent like this, keep your eyes on them and make sure you increase their potential which is already seen at the IPL level,” he added.

India start the T20 World Cup against Pakistan on October 24.


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