UP: Another arrested in ‘illegal conversion fraud’ case


The Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad (ADS) has arrested one more person in connection with the illegal conversion scam, bringing the total number of arrests to 15.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the ADS said Sarfraz Ali Jaffrey, who had been overseeing the work of Kaleem Siddiqui’s Global Peace Center, had been arrested from Lucknow.

Kaleem Siddiqui was earlier arrested by the ADS.

“With the exception of the World Peace Center, we have found evidence that Geoffrey was involved in illegal proselytizing under the guise of all humanitarian work. Geoffrey used undue influence and misguidance to convert people to Islam and to take care of their new identity, work and marriage arrangement.”

Geoffrey claimed to have used foreign funds for illegal conversion, claiming that the ADS had changed his phone and found “evidence” showing the monthly agenda for work. He will be produced in court. We are looking for his custody, “said ADS.

On June 20, the ADS announced the arrest of three Jamia Nagar residents of Delhi, Mufti Qazi, Jahangir Alam Qasmi and Mohammad Omar Qamdam, for illegal proselytizing.

Since then, the ADS has arrested 12 people from Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Maharashtra in connection with the case. Those arrested later included Bupriya Bando, including Kaleem Siddiqui, Rameshwar Kawde, Arsalan Mustafa, Kosher Alam, Hafiz Idris, Mohammad Saleem, and Thiraj Jagtab.

They have been charged under IPC sections and the Unlawful Conversion Act.

They have been accused of carrying out “nationwide proselytizing fraud”.

The ADS claimed that Umar Qaeda was the mastermind of the scam, which targeted women, the unemployed and the poor by promising them a good education, marriage, jobs, money and other things. Some of them are accused of extorting money through hawala route.

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