Vani Kapoor gives us a glimpse of “Manvi in ​​Creation”


Vani Kapoor gives us a glimpse of 'Manvi in ​​the Making'

Manvi in ​​production. (Image courtesy: _vaanikapoor_)

Vani Kapoor is immersed in the accolades that come for her meticulous performance in this film Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui. As fans and colleagues have been showering praises on the team, Vani Kapoor has decided to allow fans into the process of turning his character into Manvi. In an Instagram post titled “Manvi in ​​Creation”, Vani Kapoor shared a series of pictures of the range of outfits selected for her role in the film. Wearing dresses, atelier, oversized sweaters and skater skirts, Vani Kapoor dazzles in her various incarnations. With the title, the actress has also added costume emoji and heart emoticon.

Actress Rashi Kanna responded to the film by saying, “Stunner!”

Vani Kapoor plays a transgender person Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui The film was described as a “conversation starter”. According to PTI news, the actress said that the film aims to provide a real screen representation of transgender people in Bollywood cinema. Vani Kapoor was quoted as saying, “We wanted to normalize this and break down stereotypes. This concept exists, it was built over the years when we were growing up. The notes we saw in movies and shows, I think we do not need to live with it today. It is a misrepresentation.”

Speaking about the film, Vani Kapoor told PTI, “At least it will start a conversation. I hope they will be welcomed by the audience tomorrow, there are stories with different stories about transgender people. I hope that tomorrow we will reach a stage where a trance girl will play the role of a cis girl and blur the lines of identity.

Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui Ayushman Khurana also stars in Abhishek Kapoor’s direction. Vani Kapoor made her debut in 2013 Sut Desi love. Has acted in films like Aha marriage, Befigre, war And Bell Bottom. Vani Kapoor will play the lead role next Shamshera.


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