Vani Kapoor wanted to “break the stereotype” of a transgender man wearing a saree


Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui: Vani Kapoor wanted to break the 'stereotype' of a transgender man wearing a sari

Vani Kapoor in the film. (Courtesy: Vanikapur)


  • Vani Kapoor starred in Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui
  • She plays a transgender character in the film
  • “At least it’s going to start a conversation,” Vani said


Actress Vani Kapoor says her film Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui It is the beginning of a dialogue aimed at presenting the true representation of transgender people on screen in major Bollywood cinema. He said he did not see the struggles and dilemma of a disabled woman who played Vani in the Abhishek Kapoor movement without affecting the community. The actor, who plays Manvi in ​​the film, has brought in some of the best reviews of his career and believes the film has fulfilled its purpose of stimulating dialogue about transgender people and their rights. “We wanted to normalize this and break the stereotypes. There is this idea, all these years, when we’re growing up, when we’re growing up.

“A man wearing a woman’s sari is not a perfect representation of a transgender woman. They are just as stunning, beautiful and ‘normal’ as other Sis women,” Vani told PTI.

Manvi’s boyfriend, played by actor Ayushman Kurrana, realizes that she is a transgender when the love drama flips the boy-meeting-girl drop.

The journey adapted from trauma, hatred and education captures the image of “Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui”.

While the film, which opened in theaters last week, received a positive response, a section felt that it should have played an alternative talent role.

Vani said the film should be seen as a serious attempt to start an important conversation.

“We only have a visual reference to a man dressed as a transgender woman.

“At least it’s the beginning of a conversation. I hope they will be welcomed by the audience tomorrow. There are a lot of stories about transgender people. ” Vani said the biggest strength of the film is its appeal to the crowd delivering a message without being “instructive”.

“Manvi is not stubborn. Abhishek did not try to sacrifice her, nor did he create the story in a very dramatic way. He created the right balance, it was hard to break it. Initially, the 33-year-old actor felt the pressure of acting like a trance girl.

His production includes talking to transgender people, understanding their lives, their transformation, watching documentaries and getting points from interviews with trance people.

“I’m responsible for getting it right.

“She’s not a joker. You’ve not trying to invalidate their identity. There are so many beautiful, stunning transgender people. They are well-rounded.

The actor who has acted in such films before Sut Desi Love, Pefigre And blockbuster War, Said he feels lucky that his acting has reached people including those from the screen world.

“I’m grateful that people in the industry and outsiders love my acting. They really give me the respect of an actor, and it’s good.

“So, if you get them, you want to take advantage of it. Mine is a serious effort to play the role with the utmost honesty. I gave my heart and soul to it,” he added.

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