Veteran Kathak dancer Birju Maharaj has passed away at the age of 83

Birju Maharaj developed his own unique style and became known as an excellent choreographer. Helped popularize dance dramas.

Veteran Kathak dancer Birju Maharaj has passed away, ANI news agency quoted his cousin as saying on Monday. He was 83 years old.

“He has been in treatment for the last one month. He had sudden suffocation at 12: 15-12: 30 last night; we were rushed to the hospital in 10 minutes, but he died,” his granddaughter Ragini Maharaj told ANI.

In my mind his figure will always be smiling, he added.

Birju Maharaj was the chief of the Kalka-Bindadin Gharana of Lucknow.

Born on February 4, 1937 Brij Mohan Nath Misra to a well-known Kathak dance family. Apart from his father Achan Maharaj and uncles Shambhu and Lachu Maharaj, he was influenced by Bindadeen Maharaj.

He started acting as a child with his father and became a guru (maharaj) in his teens. Birju Maharaj also performed at the Darbar of the Nawab of Rampur.

When he was 28, he mastered the dance form of Birju Maharaj and won the Academy Award for Musical Drama.

Known for his perfect rhythm and expressive abhinaya or sign language, Birju Maharaj developed his unique style. He was known as an excellent choreographer, and he helped popularize dance dramas.

Birju Maharaj has received numerous awards for his contributions to the arts, including the Padma Vibhushan, one of the country’s highest civilian awards in 1986.

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