Vietnam accuses Thailand of attacking fishing boats



Vietnam has accused Thai authorities of attacking its fishing boats, killing one fisherman and injuring two.

State media reported on Friday that a fisherman had been killed and others injured in an attack on a Thai ship identified as Thai Police 528 in separate incidents last week. They said fishing boats were operating illegally in Thai waters when the incidents took place.


Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Hai Pinhai quoted his neon newspaper as saying that several boats were fishing illegally in Thai waters when the Thai ship chased them using weapons.

“Vietnam strongly condemns these inhumane acts, the threat or threat to use force against Vietnamese fishermen,” he said.

He added that the Vietnamese government has been asked to investigate the incidents in Thailand, punish those involved and provide compensation to the fishermen.

Fishing disputes are common in the region as the waters of Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are interconnected.


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