Vijay Diwas, Indira Gandhi, 1971 Indo-Pak War: Hate for Women


'(Indira Gandhi) took 32 bullets for the country, but ...': Vijay Divas lined up

Vijay Diwas 2021: Indira Gandhi’s first and only female Prime Minister (file)

New Delhi:

During today’s Vijay Diwas celebrations, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra tore up the “anti-feminist BJP government” for not mentioning former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi today marks the 50th anniversary of India’s victory over Pakistan in 1971.

Rahul Gandhi, the brother of Mrs. Gandhi Vadra, was similarly harsh; Lok Sabha MP, Indira Gandhi, said her grandmother “took 32 bullets for the country (he was shot dead in 1984) but his name was not even mentioned in a government event”.

Indira Gandhi was the head of the ruling Congress government during the 1971 war.

“Our first and only female Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, is leaving the anti-woman BJP government’s Vijay Diwas celebrations. This is on the 50th anniversary of the day she led India to victory and liberated Bangladesh …” Ms Gandhi Vadra tweeted.

“Narendra Modi ji … women do not believe in your deception. Your supportive attitude is unacceptable. It is time you started giving women rights,” she said.

Ms. Gandhi Vadra posted four black and white photos with her tweets including that Indira Gandhi went to see a wounded soldier and met with armed officers.

Rahul Gandhi said: “(Indira Gandhi) took 32 bullets for the country, but her name was not even mentioned at the government event in Delhi for the 1971 war anniversary.”

But this cannot be realized by families who have made no sacrifice for the nation.

Earlier today, both houses of parliament paid tribute to the fallen soldiers. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla hailed the sacrifices of the soldiers as “inspiring for future generations” and praised Rajya Sabha Speaker Venkaiah Naidu for their “unwavering courage”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his Twitter page paid tribute to the fallen soldiers.

Arjun Ram McGowan, the Joint Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, told NDTV that Indira Gandhi’s name was mentioned, downplaying the opposition of the Congress on the issue.

Today, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s attack on the BJP has swiped the whole of next year’s elections one by one, with her Congress on the rise, including in the politically important state of Uttar Pradesh and another Punjab. Re-election campaign.

Ms Gandhi Vadra, especially in UP, is at the forefront of the Congress’ responsibility, where she points to the BJP’s record on women’s protection and the fact that “all women should be exploited”.

She released a “Women’s Report” last week promising free LPG cylinders, money transfers and a fight for greater representation for women in legislative bodies, including parliament.

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