Washington State Senator Doug Erickson died after a coward infection


Republican Senator Doug Erickson, who led Washington State Govt. He is 52 years old.

Last month, Mr. After traveling to El Salvador, Eriksson wrote a letter to his Republican counterparts in the Legislature confirming that he had a corona infection. He asked his colleagues for help in obtaining monoclonal antibodies.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Mr Erickson’s family said in a statement on Saturday that he had passed away the previous day.

“Please keep our family in your prayers and thank you for continuing to respect our privacy during this very difficult time,” the family wrote in a statement shared by the state Senate Republican Caucasus.

Representing most of Watcom County, Mr. Eriksson, who has served in the legislature since 1999, is also a leading conservative voice and Donald J. He also became an early supporter of Trump’s presidential campaign. Against the epidemic, he spearheaded Governor Jay Insley’s efforts to combat corona virus control, introduced legislation banning vaccine orders and called for the governor’s resignation.

“Washington State is No. 1 in government compulsion,” he said. Ericsson said in a statement last month.

It is unclear whether Mr Erickson was vaccinated.

State Senator Rouen Carlyle, a Democrat, said in a statement on Saturday that he and Mr. Eriksson also wrote that he attended the same high school and later worked together for many years as chairman of the state Senate committee focusing on environmental, energy and technical issues.

“Our policy wars have been tough and tough, but we value each other’s serious devotion to serving the public and our communities,” he said. Carlyle wrote. “Our friendship found ways to transcend political differences.”


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