Whale moves 9 million decentrals (mana) Metawares tokens are gaining popularity


An unknown whale transferred 9 million MANA tokens to another anonymous account for $ 51,103 (approximately Rs. 38 lakh). Interest in Metaverse raises the rating for Decentraland’s in-world token aka MANA, and increasing interest in this and other non-fungal tokens (NFTs) will help push the token to gain big gains over the next few months.

According to CoinGecko data, Decentraland’s MANA token has risen about 66.6 percent in trading over the past seven days. It now has a market capitalization of about $ 7.48 billion (approximately Rs. 55,755.38 crore) and is the 30th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

In essence, Descentraland is a metawares built into the Ethereum blockchain, which allows users to buy, decorate, and sell land in its virtual world. Metawares has quickly become one of the most exciting topics in the world of technology, and the growing interest and investment in space is creating catalysts for the MANA token.

The overall cryptocurrency space is very volatile, and significant sales for Bitcoin, Ether and other major tokens over the past week show that large price fluctuations are normal even as the cryptocurrency’s major uptick increases. Decentraland and MANA, on the other hand, have intriguing utility events, and cryptocurrencies backed by promising features and services can reap huge profits even as the broader market faces severe pressures. Mana is a very risky investment, but as the metawares revolution begins to heat up, it is not surprising to see the token rise significantly above current price levels.

Data from Whales The largest recorded Ethreum whales show their focus on games such as Decentraland and Gala, which is the Ethereum based metaverse altcoin that has gained value after a recent listing on Coinbase.

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