WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook have been disabled for many users


Popular processors owned by WhatsApp and Instagram, the parent company Facebook, have been experiencing downtime in many regions and are not working on the web or their respective smartphone applications. Many people have reported that both the instant news site and the social media app do not work for them on Android, iOS and web sites.

Down detector October 4 indicates a rapid increase in the number of WhatsApp cases not working for people in the regions. Users are unable to send or receive new messages. Similar behavior is found on Instagram, where users cannot log in, update their feed, or send direct messages (TM). The issue seems to have affected people late in the evening, with the blackout starting at approximately 9:15 IST at night.

WhatsApp below, WhatsApp Down cases have been reported in Down Detector. (Image source: DownDetector)

At the time of writing this the servers are constantly crashing and both WhatsApp and Instagram are currently inaccessible.

This story is currently being developed and will be updated shortly.

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