WhatsApp to quickly add a global voice message player: Everything you need to know is here


WhatsApp recently released a feature that allows users to change the playback speed of voice messages. The company plans to release one more feature to provide a better experience for those who use voice messages.

It works in the “Global Voice Message Player”, which allows you to listen to voice messages even after leaving chats. WabetaInfo says that when you drive the voice message and leave that chat, it will be loaded on top of the main application. The cited source states that the app will display the voice message at the top of each section or chat you visit.

WhatsApp also offers the option to pause and reject voice messages at any time. This feature is useful when you receive a long voice message. “In this case, you can continue to send messages to other contacts when you hear the voice message.” WaBetaInfo Said.

This feature was found in the beta version of iOS, but it is not available to everyone. The cited source says that the same feature will be introduced in future updates for Android users as well.

Besides, WhatsApp also runs end-to-end encrypted backups for Android and iOS users. This allows users to back up their chat backups in Google Drive. The company says that if you want to protect your chat backups using end-to-end encryption, you must choose a personal password or 64-bit encryption key.

One will see this feature in the Android WhatsApp version and the iOS version. WhatsApp also works with the “Default Message Timer” feature. This will allow you to start conversations in missing mode. Currently, if you want to use the missing mode, you must enable it manually.

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