Whistle blows in Kongdong village of Meghalaya to pay homage to Prime Minister Narendra Modi!


See: Prime Minister Modi honored with a tune in Meghalaya's 'Whistle Village'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked them for this kind act. (File)

Kongdong Village in Meghalaya, also known as the “Whistle Village”, recently created and honored Prime Minister Narendra Modi as part of a unique tradition of many centuries ago.

Situated in the lush green hills of the northeastern state, the mothers sing a special tune to each child, so everyone’s name is melody. Everyone in the village where the Kasi people live will address that person for the rest of their lives with a separate little tune or whistle. They also have the usual “real” names, but they are rarely used.

Kangdong, 60 km from the capital Shillong, has long been cut off from the rest of the country, has several hours of arduous trekking from a nearby town, and the center has taken the initiative to map the village by improving tourism.

The Ministry of Tourism recently nominated the village from India for the UNWTO Best Tourist Villages Competition.

A woman in the village composed a song in his honor, thanking the Prime Minister for his effort. Prime Minister Modi has shared a video posted on Twitter by Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma.

“Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in your honor and in appreciation of GoI’s efforts to make the village a major tourist destination, accept this special song composed by the people of Kangdong Village,” the Chief Minister tweeted.

“Thank you to the people of Kongdang for this kind of act. The Government of India is fully involved in enhancing the tourism potential of Meghalaya. Yes, we were able to see the best pictures of the recent Cherry Blossom Festival in the state. It is beautiful. @ Sangma Conrad,” the Prime Minister replied.

In the video, a woman, Kang Shidiat Kongchid, is seen sitting outside a wooden hut, muttering a tune in honor of the Prime Minister. The video clip also shows the landscape of the pleasant village with lush green hills and forests.

The custom of assigning tunes to the inhabitants here is called “Jingrwai Labe”, meaning “song of the first woman of the clan”, referring to the mythical original mother of the Kasi people.


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