Why Vidya Balan and Pratik Gandhi are so happy in this film


Ooty Factor: Why Vidya Balan and Pratik Gandhi are so happy in this film

Vidya Balan has posted this. (Image courtesy: Palanvidya)

Vidya Balan and Pratik Gandhi are all laughing. The reason? Both have completed the feed schedule for their untitled film. Vidya Balan has announced on Instagram that she has finished shooting in the hill station. In it, he shares a picture of two actors smiling. Vidya Balan wrote that the team missed cast members Ileana de Cruz and Senthil Ramamurthy, “Like, a wonderful winter in Ooty is coming to an end.” He added, “When we finish filming our untitled romantic comedy, we will cherish these memories for a lifetime. We missed Senthil and Ileana! ”

In the title, Vidya Balan tagged Ileana de Cruz and Senthil Ramamurthy, producer Dhanuj Garg and director Shirsha Kuha Thakurta. Responding to this post, Tanuj Cork wrote, “Love you Wit” while actress Shreya Dhanwantari dropped her heart emojis.

Pratik Gandhi, who described the film as a “romantic comedy about modern relationships”, shared the same picture. He wrote, “And this is a wrap! A wonderful winter in Ooty takes us to a film collection about modern relationships directed by Shirshah Kuha Thakurta, Applause Entertainment and Ellipsis Entertainment’s untitled romantic comedy-drama.

“It was a beautiful and fun ride with Vidya Balan, Ileana D’Cruz and Senthil Ramamurthy,” he added.

Vidya Balan announced the film on social media last month and said she was “induced” to be a part of the project. Sharing a picture with Ileana de Cruz, Pratik Gandhi and Senthil Ramamurthy, he said, “My next one an untitled charming comedy about modern relationships, be it your story or your friend’s story. It makes you laugh and cry equally, and I enjoy playing Kavya. “

He added, “Can’t wait to see you next year! Stay tuned for the title announcement soon! ”

Vidya Balan was last seen Shorny, Ileana’s last film The big bull Harshat Mehta is based on corruption. Interestingly, Pratik Gandhi also became famous for his role as Harshat Mehta in the web series Fraud 1992, This is his last big project. Senthil Ramamurthy is known for working on such projects Heroes, Beauty and the Beast, Secret Affairs And Never Have I Ever.


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