Will play simultaneously on the last day of the IPL league arena



For the first time, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is going to play two different matches simultaneously at two venues. It will take place on the last day of the league phase of the ongoing tournament.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), the official broadcaster of Star India, has approved such a request. Indian Express The board discussed the matter a few days ago during the IPL Executive Council meeting, where it was decided to pursue the idea.

So, on the last day of the league phase of the season, instead of an afternoon game and an evening game, two matches will be played simultaneously in two places in the evening.

Behind the star’s demand is the low TRP of afternoon games.

In the first match for the IPL, the last two league matches before Vivo IPL 2021 will be played simultaneously. On the last day of the season of the series (08.10.2021), instead of one afternoon match and one evening match, two matches (SRH v MI and RCB v DCIn a press release, BCCI Secretary Jai Shah said that BCCI Secretary Jai Shah will be playing simultaneously at 7.30 pm on IST (6.00 PMS GST).

A BCCI official revealed that broadcasters did not get much DRP (TV rating points) for the afternoon matches.

“The official broadcaster asked the BCCI if it was possible to play two games simultaneously in two different venues. The broadcasters told us that the DRP for the afternoon games was low compared to the evening games. Therefore, the BCCI has accepted the request, ”the board official said Indian Express.

It is learned that the BCCI will receive Star’s comments after two matches on the created DRP. As the board plans to form two new IPL teams next year, this will help host more games in less days. So far, the BCCI has had some dual titles in the IPL, which were difficult for cricketers during the harsh Indian summers.

“This may help us in our planning as the two new teams represent more games. The BCCI will decide whether to continue with such rules,” the official added.


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