With the rise of Omigron, London announces a ‘big event’


Hospital admissions and the rapid increase in new corona virus cases are driven by the rise of the Omicron variant, with the London mayor declaring a “major incident” or emergency for the first time since January on Saturday.

The declaration sets out special coordination procedures and indicates that emergency services and hospitals cannot guarantee their normal level of response.

The measure was taken in the number of patients in London hospitals It has increased by 29 per cent in the last week. 65,525 new cases were confirmed last week and 26,418 last day, the highest number since the outbreak began, Mayor Sadiq Khan’s office said in a statement on Saturday. The Greater London area has seen an almost 200 per cent increase in cases over the past two weeks, making Britain the worst-hit area.

“It is important for Londoners to understand how serious things are,” he said in a video released by The Telegraph. Khan said. “The best thing Londoners can do is get both vaccines and boosters, which provide extra protection.

“The worst news,” he added, was that “most” of those admitted to the hospital were unvaccinated.

British health officials this week warned that the Omicron variant is doubling at a rate less than every two days in some parts of the country. While the impact on hospital admissions and mortality rates is not clear, the UK’s chief medical officer Chris Witty said this week that the National Health Service could face a flood of patients due to explosive growth.

“It moves at a completely unique pace,” he said.

Countries around Europe are struggling to retreat against the spread of the Omigron variant. The Netherlands announced a complete shutdown, Denmark closed theaters and concert halls, and imposed a curfew order on Irish pubs at 8pm.

In Britain, the rise of the virus has put intense pressure on political officials. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been criticized in recent weeks for advising people not to meet with friends and family, following reports that he held holiday meetings on Downing Street last year.

In London, Mr. Khan is trying to overcome the vaccine reluctance. On Saturday, he visited the mass-vaccination pop-up clinic and announced a series of virtual events to encourage Londoners to get vaccinated.

London’s black and Asian communities, along with low income residents, have been hit hard by the outbreak, according to the mayor’s office. The office said these communities, especially Black Londoners, were being targeted by vaccine misinformation.

More than 2.5 million booster doses have been delivered in London, but more than a million eligible residents have not yet received a single dose, the mayor’s office said.

Mr. Khan last announced a major incident in January, when the peak of the Covit-19 cases hit the NHS, trampled on the tram in 2016, and the same announcement for the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017 and the terrorist attack near London. Bridge in 2019.


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