YouTube automatically releases live broadcasts to all creators


YouTube is introducing its automated livestream header feature to all video creators on the platform, and until now, this feature has only been available for channels with more than 1,000 subscribers.

The company announced the same on its blog, along with some other future improvements coming to the platform. Adding these changes is expected to make it easier for deaf users to access the site.

The company has confirmed that live English titles are now available in 12 more languages ​​instead of English. Other enhancements to the video platform include the ability to add multiple audio tracks to a single video to support multiple languages.

Additionally, YouTube now supports the automatic translation feature on smartphones. YouTube has confirmed that expanded language support for live and auto-translating topics will roll out in the next few months. On the other hand, YouTube claims that the feature of multiple audio tracks will be more widely available in the “coming quarters”.

The company also announced plans to “test” to allow users to search by video transcripts on mobile devices.

The YouTube subtitle also has an editor permission feature that allows creators to add subtitles to their videos. This feature is expected to replace the removed social titles feature by YouTube. The company says it will provide updates on its progress “in the coming months”.

In addition, YouTube has decided to end the tradition of making ‘rewind’ videos by the end of the year. The company cited the site’s expansion as “unable to cover its vastness and diversity in a matter of minutes”.

Recall, in 2018, YouTube Rewind created a record for not liking any video on the platform, as the creators reported, ignoring the community of the video site by showing prominent celebrities instead of local YouTubers.

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